Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Note on Journaling – My Version of the 3 R’s

For me, journaling seems almost like a biblical command. I’ve come to see this simple act as a sort of “stewardship”, taking care to make good use of the many, many wonderful things God does for me.

First, it honors God when we stop our busy lives to reflect on what He is doing/done for us. Second, the entire Old Testament could be nearly summarized in the word “remember”. Israel’s frequent failures, both individually and collectively, were often times directly caused by their lack of remembering God’s Providence. And lastly, we’re told to witness to others and to retell how God has been merciful and gracious to us.

Journaling, especially online blogging, provides a way for me to accomplish all three of these goals. When I sit down to journal, I stop and reflect on what God is doing in my life. The act of writing, editing, re-writing, and typing causes me to remember those actions of His as they become permanently etched on the walls of my mind. And when I share my writings, I am giving public testimony, retelling God’s dealings with me to others. And I am also encouraging, even exhorting, them to reflect, remember, and retell their own stories.

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