Sunday, November 25, 2012

Psalm 18 - Therefore!

We know from II Samuel 22, that Psalm 18 was written / spoken / sung by David at the very end of his life – these are among the last words he penned while here on earth.

He begins with the loud cry – “I love You, Lord!” And we should echo the same every day. Don’t wait until the end of your days to become vocal about your relationship with the Lord who has redeemed you.

The next 47 verses, in one way or another, David uses to recount the many ways in which God has showered him with blessings, talents, victories, and mercies of all sorts. I find myself ashamed to see David praising God for even the smallest of his abilities. Even the desire or will to carry on with a task is a mighty gift from God!

In verse 49, we come to the “Therefore!” of this psalm. Here we find David summarizing and proclaiming – “Therefore!” Because of ALL the things You, O Lord, have done on my behalf, I will sing praises to You all the days of my life.

No matter what our lives have wrought, no matter how our personal verses 1-48 would read; let us all shout a loud, “Therefore!” and burst into praises, thanksgiving and song.

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