Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creation Matters to Science

Last night I went to bed hoping to write this essay in such a way that scientists would realize they should be open minded enough to allow for the possibility of Divine Creation when examining how something came to be, most importantly, for the issue of how life itself began. But this morning I have a new message on my heart. I realize the Theory of Evolution has serious flaws, so much so that it should no longer be considered scientific. As a result, I’m left wondering why in the world we are still using this outdated theory to teach our young people!

In the year 2000, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology after a long struggle with various professors and the college administration over Evolution. They felt strongly then that a biologist could not possibly contribute anything meaningful to their field of knowledge without a firm foundation built on the Theory of Evolution. Their insistence made me sympathetic to the first naysayers of the flat earth theory. Unfortunately, I think their opinions have probably not changed since then.

However, during the past decade, many researchers have come forward saying there are several problems with the 150 year old Theory of Evolution. The most glaring and damaging of these problems is that Darwin made his hypothesis without the knowledge of modern molecular biology. In 1850, as Darwin was formulating his ideas, the cell was the smallest unit for biologists. Today we know that each cell contains a city’s worth of manufacturing facilities and transportation vehicles.

Because of our modern microscopes, we are able to now see the vast array of complexity that makes up each one of our cells. Imagine believing that you could randomly drop Scrabble tiles from your hand onto the floor, fully expecting them to land in such a way as to correctly form a complete sentence. It sounds ridiculous to even try. But this is the type of problem Evolutionists are facing when it comes to current findings in the field of molecular biology – but on the scale of dropping Scrabble tiles to form an entire set of encyclopedias!

The highly specific amino acid sequence in just one piece of DNA is hundreds of thousands of characters long. And this extreme complexity exists in even the most simple of single-celled organism. Yet the Theory of Evolution requires DNA is the result of random chance – that each amino acid took the right place in line to perform the necessary function without Intelligence putting things in order.

Continuing to teach this obviously flawed “chance” point of view in our public schools dampens our ability to discover new truths; especially when one considers that molecular biologists have now proven random processes cannot explain the information encoded in our DNA. Yet our classrooms continue to erroneously use the randomness of Darwin’s theory as the basis to teach our young people about complex cellular structures.

I believe science is important. Our society, the health of our people, and our standard of living are all bettered when we expand our scientific knowledge base. That’s one of the reasons I chose to study science! But I am appalled that we are teaching our young people this same old theory, proposed in the darkness of a pre-molecular era.

Unfortunately many established scientists are still unable to let go of their strong evolutionary bias. And just as I was persecuted ten years ago, young people today with Intelligent Design viewpoints are still being shunned and discouraged from pursuing scientific research or teaching positions. The result is an even more biased community of researchers and teachers, all sharing a flawed point of view and unable to recognize the validity of contrary conclusions. I, for one, am uncomfortable knowing that a particularly bright and gifted individual might be kept from contributing to society solely because of their “God Created” worldview.

There came a time in history when bold rebels took a stand to stop the teaching of the flat-earth theory. Today, we need a similar bold spirit to rise up in our education systems and insist evolutionary teaching also be stopped. Molecular biology has proven this theory is false, Darwin was wrong. Continuing to silence the possibility of Intelligent Design hinders the scientific community’s ability to perform productive research. The very foundation of what we do as scientists is to look openly and honestly for real answers. As researchers we are to follow the data, not our personal opinions and preconceived notions.

I write this with the hope that one day my great-grandchildren will use a textbook that uses Evolution only as an example of how flawed science can be. But more importantly, I want them to be able to state their personal views without fear and prayerfully it will be that their Lord Jesus is the Creator of all things, both seen and yet unseen.

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