Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DNA: not by Chance!

Micro-evolution is when a big dog mates with a small dog and you get a medium dog. This happens countless times, every day, in countless ways. Extrapolating this truth into the theory of macro-evolution to explain the vast array of all living organisms is a giant leap of “blind faith”.  Yet that is exactly what Charles Darwin did and many leading scientists of our day are still doing.

However, evolution has been proven false with the discovery of DNA in the 1950’s. Don’t be scared of the science - this is a very simple truth. Suppose you are watching players at a roulette table, on the first spin the ball lands on the number 4. The next spin, the ball lands on 4. The next = 4. The next = 4. You stay and witness the next million spins and each one lands on 4. At some point, you must begin to think that this is not a game of CHANCE.

Every single known living organism has the same four building blocks to make DNA. If random chance were truly the mechanism for all the various life forms, there should be a staggering number of different DNA building blocks.  Or, at the very least, some organisms should exist using only 2 or 3 of these building blocks. Yet, there is not. Every life form uses the same four building blocks.

Chance would indicate the existence of life forms so different that there wouldn’t even be something in them we could properly classify as DNA. Again, this is not the case. Because the same type of DNA is in all living organisms, we can rule out chance and instead, look for the cause of the design, i.e. the Creator-Designer.

So why are we still teaching evolution to our children? Coming face-to-face with the reality of a Creator means you need to change your life. You have to hop down off the throne in your heart and let the One True God, the Lord Jesus Christ, rule there instead of yourself. Most folks, including most scientists (because they are people too), are happy as they are and change scares them.  In other words, they like the status quo, where they have no accountability whatsoever.

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